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How to fix a garbage disposal that doesn't work and just buzzes:

It's jammed with something. Most disposals have a fitting for an Allen wrench underneath to manually jar it loose after you have felt for it (turned off of course!). Another way is to use a wooden broom handle. Place it in the disposal wedged against a blade and firmly push clockwise.

How to fix a clogged kitchen sink:

Most often, when it's clogged from disposal activity (carrot shavings, etc.), the U-shaped trap is clogged. Screw off the plastic attachment fittings and you will remove the trap. Empty it. That's typically your problem.

What if my hot water stops working?

Some common calls for water heater repair that do not necessitate water heater replacement are a bad igniter (gas) or heating element (electric). Pilot lights can sometimes blow out. If it's your water heater leaking, then more than likely you will need to replace it.

Why is the water pressure in my kitchen low compared to the rest of the house faucets?

Chances are good either your shut-offs are bad or your faucet. Both are inexpensive to replace.

How come my toilet in the hall bathroom flushes slower than my master bath?

Do you have kids? Most likely something is obstructing the flow in the toilet itself. Cheap to fix toilet repair.

How do I avoid costly plumbing repairs?

Call us first. Maybe we can advise you to fix it yourself. If not, then get three estimates first to make sure you're getting the best price. You can find the numbers for our competitors on our website. Then, name your own price with us! You will have a lifetime warranty on the workmanship and because you name the price, you will be happy with your charges.

Win, win for you!


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